KandyPens Rubi

KandyPens Rubi
KandyPens Rubi

The Vape Guide awarded KandyPens Rubi the "Best Oil Vape of 2021". Its compact, innovative design and OCELL ceramic coil technology are just a few reasons it won this award. In addition, the Rubi has a reusable pod, allowing you to choose which oil is best for you at any given time. The pod is also leak-proof with no spit-back, keeping things clean so you can vape in absolute peace. Finally, the draw-activated pen (no power button) is temperature regulated and has a shut-off feature, helping preserve the battery life for future sessions.

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By Vapospy Team on August 28, 2023 -
Updated on April 5, 2024
KandyPens Rubi

The Rubi is one of the many portable, hand-held vaporizers offered by KandyPens. And this particular pen is award-winning and has a patent-pending innovative design.

Its other noteworthy features include dual airflow with an air carb, an eight-second automatic shut-off feature, and a 1ml refillable pod capacity for cannabis oils and other aromatherapy oils. However, it’s not compatible with nicotine e-liquids.

Furthermore, the Rubi has a LED indicator light to let you know when the battery is low, and the battery itself comes with a lifetime warranty.

Draw activated

Rather than needing a power button to start your vaping session, the Rubi works by draw activation. This means the vaporizer works when you take an inhale.

The pen’s design is engineered so inhaling from the mouthpiece signals the heat source to create heat, turning the oil into vapor. Also, since the device is temperature regulated, you get a nice even hit every time.

Refillable Pod

The Rubi comes with a 1ml refillable pod compatible with most aromatherapy oils, including cannabis oils. However, it does not work with nicotine e-liquids.

This not only saves the environment from cartridge waste, but it’s also more cost-efficient. You can buy oils in larger quantities and save money that way. In addition, the pod is leak-proof, and there’s no spit back, making it easier to vape easily and confidently.


To preserve the battery life and longevity of the vaporizer, the Rubi has an automatic shut-off feature. After 8 seconds of inactivity, the pen will shut itself off.

But, when recharging, you can easily do so with the included micro-USB charging cable. Plug it into your computer or attach the USB port to a charging block, and you’re all set.

Compact & handmade design

KandyPens designed and made the Rubi in the USA. And the award-winning vaporizer has a patent-pending design.

Not only that, but the pen is compact with a height of just 10 cm, making it portable and convenient to tuck into your pocket or purse or hold in the palm of your hand.

KandyPens Rubi Video

Watch this video to learn how to use the Rubi vaporizer by KandyPens.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x KandyPens Rubi Vaporizer
  • 1x Refillable 1ml Pod
  • 1x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual


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