Staze Preserve

Staze Preserve
Staze Preserve

Say goodbye to clunky mason jars, plastic baggies, or pop tops to stash your herb. A modern, minimal jar designed to be discreet and eye-catching simultaneously, Staze Preserve locks in freshness and extends the shelf life of your precious botanical. This lightweight, stow-and-go jar is also odor-proof by creating a completely air-tight seal. You can store up to ¼-ounce inside, and with a built-in vacuum pump, Staze Preserve doesn’t let in light or air, thereby maintaining all the essential qualities that will prolong the life of your bud.

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By Vapospy Team on August 28, 2023 -
Updated on October 11, 2023

With all the intense work, time, and passion that goes into the cultivation process, properly storing your botanical is essential to keep it fresh and potent for longer.

A stow-and-go jar that keeps your herb potent and fresh
Since your botanical’s arch-nemesis is oxygen and sunlight, which significantly accelerates the degradation process, the Staze Preserve ensures your herb and strain stay potent and fresh for longer. With a minimal aesthetic, Staze Preserve is ultra-portable and perfect for stashing your herb when you are on the move. This compact and nifty case is palm-sized, easy to carry, and has a comfortable grip for added functionality.

Hand-operated vacuum sealing technology
Staze Preserve is a high-tech stash jar fitted with a first-of-its-kind vacuum sealing technology and an activated carbon filter that blocks any dank odors from escaping. To use, twist open the cap, fill it up with your favorite botanical, and twist it shut. It features a hand-operated vacuum pump that you must pump several times to remove any air inside. Once the jar has zero air, its Air Removal Indicator will let out a click, which indicates that a vacuum has been created.

Design-forward, lightweight and discreet
The Staze Preserve is designed to lock in all the freshness and potency of your favorite strain. Its discreet size fits into your palm. Plus, it is lightweight as a deck of cards. Finally, this nifty jar is available in six subtle, neutral colors: Slate, Foam, Shroom, Dune, Cloud, and Clay. You can buy single pieces or pick up the OG Trio or Desert Trio if you want to store different strains.

Staze Preserve Video

Check out this video and watch how the Staze Preserve’s vacuum sealing technology locks in all the freshness and potency of your favorite strain.

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